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Gardening Naturally in Central Texas      Summer 2015

So what are some of the elements of gardening naturally?

Feed the soil (not just fertilize the plants) by adding compost and other organic materials is one of the primary building blocks. Start by having a soil test done. Contact your local Agrilife Extension Service (http://texasextension.tamu.edu/) for an office in your county. This will give you a starting point for improving the native soil in your intended landscape / gardening area.

Plant a variety of native and adapted plants in your landscape. They require less water and fertilizer. Explore the resources of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (http://www.wildflower.org/) for extensive information about native plants. The city of Austin (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/growgreen/) Grow Green Program “is a comprehensive landscaping program that is designed for Central Texans. Grow Green provides earth-wise solutions with an emphasis on water quality protection.”

Create a landscape that not only looks good but is good for you and all the wildlife around you by limiting use of pesticides and herbicides. Nurture beneficial insects with native and flowering plants since they help keep problem insects under control. Encourage birds, bees and butterflies by offering sources of food, water and shelter.

Grow some of your own food. Start small with a favorite vegetable or herb. Delight in the richness of flavor in a freshly harvested tomato.

Think about the 10 reasons local food is good for you. Click here.

A cheerful pot of Pansies and Petunias on my front porch. I noticed that a hummingbird has discovered the flowers along with some blossoming lavenders also on the porch.

spring flowers
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